A Message from Soke Akira Sato

Sato with Volcano
Photo by Tony Au (http://auanthony.com)

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Sato Ha Shito Ryu International website. Satoha Shito Ryu has become a large international community of karate students with dojos all over the world.

The head office and hombu dojo for Satoha Shito Ryu International are in Vancouver, Canada. A major branch dojo is in Tokushima, Japan. There are also several other dojos in Japan.

I want to thank all the International Chief Instructors throughout the world for the effort they have put into developing Satoha Shito Ryu as an international organization. It is only through our combined dedication and effort that we personally can grow and that we can make and keep Satoha Shito Ryu strong.

Please browse this site and learn more about our locations, traditions and the people that are part of our great organization.

Whether training for sport, discipline, or personal growth I encourage all students of karate to keep on learning and to live a healthy life. Karate is so much more then just a fighting sport.

A. Sato
Founder of Sato Ha Shito Ryu Kokusai Rengo (Sato Ha Shito Ryu International Federation)
Chairman of Sato Ha Shito Ryu Kokusai Rengo and Satokai Canada

Sato Jumping
Photo by Tony Au (http://auanthony.com)